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Best Platform for the construction of verticals

You want to build a solution for a specific industry ? OpenOrange is without any doubt the best platform around! Why ? Lets have a look at the factors that make a difference

We designed it that way!


We believe that all businesses are different. We believe in adapting the software to the needs of the customer. Building an environment in which this is possible in combination with a frequent updating of the main version was your mission. OpenOrange is not just an ERP system it is a framework for the construction of verticals and customer adaptations.


Model-View-Controller Architecture


Our software is written in such a way that the business knowledge layer independent is of the representation layer. We have a Web Client and a Classic GUI Client. Having XML as data and interface descriptor helps making the web a completely native environment for OpenOrange. Basically all functionality written in verticals for the Classic GUI Client is therefore automatically available in the web Client as well.


Python is the best:

Least lines of code needed for an additional feature


Python is one of the most powerful programming languages around. Lately Python (together with Ruby) seems to win all programmer efficiency awards. There are a lot of field and academic studies supporting this thesis. It´s not for nothing that Google embraced this language as one of their main programming environments. They even employed the creator of the language Guido van Rossum. Its not only Google that bets on the future of python, last year Python was the fastest growing programming language worldwide.


Clean and intuitive Coding


All coding is done in English. OpenOrange has clean maintainable, object oriented, readable Code. Our ERP extensions of python are done in the python spirit: the work like you expect they would work.


Interpreted not compiled


This permits partial updates of pieces of functionality without having to recompile. Byte-code is automatically generated on execution. (In case you want to hide code you could just provide the byte-code.) This factor is very important. You can update a bug in your customer installations on the fly sending just one file without having to recompile the whole source and sending new heavy executables.


On the fly updating


We use the svn protocol for integrated development and online updates. OpenOrange has a build in svn client and can be configured in such a way that it communicates with our server checking out possible updates of the system so you can have our latest version always available. This not necessarily implies that it will update the whole system since the system is split up in 4 components: International, National, Vertical and Customization.


Extensive of the shelve base functionality


OpenOrange is huge it has an enormous amount of features that are already available. It you are setting up a vertical it is almost certain you can reuse available code solving similar issues.


Toolkit that makes OpenOrange unique features easily available for the developer


For example the zoom-in or drill-down feature in reports is easily usable in all your reports within the vertical. Mail generation, Attachments, Traceability features are other examples.


Integrated Web-Engine


OpenOrange has an integrated web server. Ajax assures that all our business logic in python is translated to the web interface. Furthermore, we have many typical web functionalities out of the box available. For example E-Commerce, Hotel Web Check-In, Online Accounts Payable access for suppliers and Accounts Receivable access for customers, Surveys, Web Reservations, etc. Our E-Commerce solution can be operated from just one screen: you use your shopping basket, the item selection tree, and the item details from within the same screen. Supply Chain features making suppliers responsible for their own stock levels are also easily implemented though web access.


Inheritance at Interface Level


In a Object Oriented environment you take it for granted that within the code you can redefine certain functionalities a customer level. The same should hold on the interface level: you want to add a new tab with drug information for a pharmacy vertical you only specify the extra fields both in the interface and the data-structure.


Platform independent


OpenOrange is available with the same interface in Linux, Mac OS X and the Windows family. As a matter of fact, we have an active group of Mac OS X users as well as Suse and Ubuntu users. Our Windows customers see these alternative platforms as interesting features. We have had Boutique Hotels placing a Mac in the Reception to upgrade their image. Chains of Stores in particular have been very eager implementing their POS in Linux in order to save maintenance cost and licences.


OpenOrange is Mobile!


We have plenty of operational solutions on different mobile platforms. Check out the different videos on for example our Iphone app on you-tube!


OpenOrange API World: We talk to everything out there!


Build in connections with Google Finance, Google Graphs, Gmail, Google maps, Geocoding, Exchange rate servers, Electronic Invoicing, Tax-Office Protocols, Electronic Signatures, Face-book, etc.


Proven Track-Record


In just a view years our ecosystem has developed quite a collection of vertical solutions. All together there are around 50. Some are enormous like the Hotel Package, the Airline solution, Travel Agent or Textile Production module. We know the pitfalls of the process and we have taken all the measures against them.




We believe in Scrum. We believe in the feedback from the user actually using the software. We don't ask if the code is ready, we ask if there are users using it. No castles in the air, short feedback loops with feedback from real life. Our customers believe in it too: Short implementation times and users actually believing that what they say matters!




Building software is all about easy exchange of information. We know that no vertical is going to work without fluent communication. Some contact needs to be cheap and direct: you don't want to linger around with some issues: you should be able to pick up the phone and call. For example we install an internal line of our phone central in the offices of our development partners. Every communication channel has its purpose: we use youtube, wiki's, FAQ's, mail, and phone but at the end of the day it is all about humans. Contact is so much easier if one knows each other personally therefore we strongly encourage our partners a visit us to get to know our team.


We have Cheap Programming Power Available


If you are part of one of our partner programs, you can outsource parts of the lesser communication intensive programming chunks to our team! We can deliver programming power at rates of around 20 USD per hour. .


Our future


Technology moves on. We have many idea's about what next. For example we have a debugger build in our framework which is currently under construction and eventually will function in cooperation with an integrated editor, as our own IDE.